Erie, Pennsylvania

Tomorrow we begin our 5th month on the road. We are staying tonight in Erie, Pennsylvania. We stayed in New York for 9 nights and celebrated our 24th anniversary in Niagara Falls. The weather was beautiful and I couldn't believe how close we could get to the water spilling over; we could reach out and touch it. The place is a great setting for a mystery. Murder at the Falls, maybe?
Last night we stay in Buffalo and had dinner at the Anchor Bar where the Buffalo Wings were created. I'm not too thrilled about staying in downtown Erie. This will be a night in which I will put in the ear plugs.
So far we have lapped two of the Great Lake; the largest, Lake Superior, and the smallest, Lake Ontario. We will finish lapping Lake Erie and a few days. By the end of October, we should be in Chicago and then south to Hot Springs and Texas.