Travel BACKLog:Day 23: Salads Not Allowed in Bars

Since I began my blog 4 months into my trip, I will backtrack and fill you in on moments from the past. My family and friends have read these entries.

We are in Copper Harbor, MI on Lake Superior and are staying is a small,old motel, but it has a great view of Lake Superior about 25 yards from our window. The room has 2 picture windows, one on each side. The only way we can lock them is with a board jammed in the frame. An old carpet covers a few depressions in the floor. We feel right at home here; what does that say about us?

Last night we went to Zik's Bar and Grill, which has a bar and separate dining room. We walked into the dining room and I noticed salads on the menu. We chose to sit in the bar and I noticed it had the same menu minus the salads. I asked the bartender if I could order a salad and she said, "No." I'd have to go sit in the dining room. I asked if I could order the salad in the dining room and bring it to the bar and she said rather loudly, "NO!" So Lloyd and I took our drinks and moved locations. I ordered my salad and asked the waitress why they had that silly rule. She said the bartender doesn't like to MESS with salads. This has to be on the top-5 list of weird travel things we have encountered.

I fell sleep to the haunting, yet peaceful sound of loons calling to one another on the Big Water.

A couple of days ago, we stopped at a log slide area in a lobe of the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. There is this 500-foot sand dune that slopes SHARPLY down to the beach. A sign suggests that if you are not in good shape you should not attempt to roll down. It takes a few minutes to roll down, but as much as an hour or two to CRAWL up. We were not dressed for the roll-down so we didn't do it, much to my disappointment. Instead, I watch as this guy and his yellow lab started down the slope. The dog got so excited, he started running; he lost his footing and began rolling down the hill like a rolling pin. Finally, he got his footing and ran all the way to the lake and jumped in. It was so funny. We didn't stay to watch them try to crawl up.

Tomorrow we take the ferry to Isle Royale National Park. If you've ever read Nevada Barr's mysteries, you may have read the two set on the island. She's one of my favorite mystery writers. There is a wolf reintroduction project doing on there. I'll let you know if we see any.