Travel BACKLog:Day 30: Lou's World Famous Fish Market and Motel

Yes, this is where we stayed on Wednesday night in Two Harbors, Minnesooooota.

This is a new state for us. We drove through Duluth, rode down Bob Dylan Way, and saw the Armory Building where a young Dylan watched Buddy Holly perform and became inspired to be a musician.

About 20 miles north of Duluth, I-35 (the interstate that bisects Texas) ends. Out in a field, it just stops. A barrier announces “dead end.” Miles and miles of cars and trucks (many from Mexico) lined up with nowhere to go. Some are homesteading on the side of the road, grilling hot dogs on their tailgates and washing in a nearby creek. Just kidding. I-35 becomes a small road that runs along the western shore of Lake Superior.

Anyway, there were not many places to stay in Two Harbors and Lou seemed like a nice guy. The motel had only 7 rooms and if we paid cash, we could have number 3 for only $60.50. At 5:00 Lou closed the fish market and went home. We were left by ourselves, no other guests, no manager on duty, no desk clerk, no housekeepers. We wanted to turn the TV up loud, but there wasn’t one. I suggested we logon to music box, turn up my laptop and dance. We didn’t have WIFI. Instead we walked to the Black Wood Grille and Bar and had a gourmet meal. Really! The place was wonderful, atmosphere, service, and food.

On the previous Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, we stayed in a tiny room in Bayfield, WI. We liked the town a lot. This is where you can take the ferry over to Madeline Island, which we did. We also took the island curse around all the Apostles Islands and saw the lighthouses and sea caves. The town was nice and quiet. Then on Tuesday night, Biker Girls, all 96 of them, thundered into town on their Harleys.

Well, tonight we moved to Grand Marais, MN. We will actually stay here for 7 nights before moving on. We checked into the Mangy Moose Motel, paid cash again for another discount, and set up house. I have a full kitchen and was excited about cooking until I realized that we didn’t have a table. I even have my own bedroom, no dressers or drawers of any kind, but, hey, it is home. Tomorrow our mail arrives and we get to pay bills.