Travel BACKLog:Day 90: How Do You Say Bagel?

Travel Log Day 89: How do you say bagel?

We stayed in a little town on the Gaspe Peninsula called Matane, named after St. Jerome Matane. We had a room on the beach and decided to stay 3 nights. My French phrase book is not much help. I was in the grocery store stocking up and I wanted a bagel. The deli/coffee shop had a bagel a la crème on the menu board. So, in my best French ancient, I asked for one. The woman didn’t understand and either did her friend. I repeated myself several time, pointing to the menu. I mean, how hard could it be? Then she motioned for me to wait. After forever she returned with a large box of a dozen frozen pecan tarts.

How do you say chicken thigh?

After Matane, we drove northeast along the coast This was one of the most beautiful drives ever with the water on the left and the mountains on the right. These Canadian engineers were kind enough to build the road at water level (I was driving). We were so close to the water there were warning sign about waving splashing the road. Since I’m acrophobic, this was much better than driving the cliffs roads along Highway 1 in California. Anyway we found another little beach town called Grande Vallee. Restaurants are expensive so we hit the grocery store again. The second night, we decided to do take-out at the Dixie Lee, a fried chicken place. They offered us an English version of their menu. Lloyd had chicken hips (translated from thighs). Chicken ribs were also on the menu. Since chickens don’t have ribs, and chicken breasts were on the menu, we couldn’t figure out what these were.

Today we are in Niagara Falls, New York. It is our 24th wedding anniversary. What a perfect place to be to celebrate. Two months ago we were on the Canadian side of the Falls, although we enjoyed it, this side if much quieter. Maybe tonight we'll be able to stay awake for the sound and light show.