Settling In

Our journey south began as soon as we left Chicago. After 3 short stops along the way, we arrived in Hot Springs and checked into our Arkansas home, the Arlington Hotel, setting of my first mystery, Murder at the Arlington. We will stay for a month, our first extended stay since we hit the road 5 months ago. This place is my muse. This is where my idea of my protagonist, Sydney Lockhart, was conceived.
When we arrived on Friday, the US Army was checking in for a weekend conference. It was a mad house, but it was nice seeing all the soldiers and their families. The hotel has been quiet since they checked out on Sunday morning, and I've got an amazing amount of writing done already.
The Arlington doesn't change much and neither does Hot Springs. Al Capone once made his home on the 4th floor in what is now referred to as the Capone suite. Yesterday, a woman walked into Bank of America three blocks away and held up the tellers while her husband and baby waited in the car. She was caught before she left the parking lot. I will be more careful when I walk around town.
But Hot Springs is also known for being the venue for the longest consecutive open-mic poetry event. The Poet's Loft on Central Avenue draws some of the best poets around. I read on occasion, but feel humble by the performance of the other poets.