10th Annual Pulpwood Queen and Timber Guy Weekend

I just returned from an event I'll never forget. Kathy Patrick put on the show of all shows in Jefferson, Texas. The 10th Annual Pulpwood Queen and Timber Guy's Weekend sold out! With more than 40 authors (Pat Conroy, Melissa Conroy, Elizabeth Berg, Ron Hall, Lauretta Hannon, Hester Bass, Ad Hudler, Deva Gantt, River Jordon, Suzanne Arruda and many, many more), plus Pulpwood Queens from all over the country, the event was truly a celebration of literacy. Kathy kicked off the party with A Moveable Feast at the Excelsior Hotel on Thursday night. Pulpwood Queens dined as authors cooked and waited tables. Authors had a chance to visit with their readers and Kathy provided each reader with a "doggie bag" containing one of the author's books.
Author panel discussion began early Friday morning and continued throughout the day with a break for lunch as Ron Hall, author of Same Kind of Difference As Me, told his moving story. On Friday evening everyone came dressed as their favorite Barbie to celebrate the long-legged beauty's 50th birthday. Walking across the runway were classic Barbie, colonial Barbie, Jackie Kennedy Barbie, and the best of all, Kathy came dressed as Tippi Hedren The Birds Barbie.
Saturday morning the authors were back on stage for more discussions and at noon Pat Conroy, New York Times best-selling author of The Prince of Tides and South of Broad, entertained the crowd at the BBQ luncheon, telling stories that had folks in stitches. The Big Hair Ball on Saturday evening was an Over the Rainbow celebration--the Wizard of OZ turned 70 and folks arrived as Wicked Witches, Good Witches, Lollipod Kids, the Great Oz, the Cowardly Lion, Tin Man (woman), Scarecrow, Auntie Ems, and of course Dorothy complete with Toto in a basket.
Pat Conroy summed it up, "There's something alive in this room. There's something alive in literature." Thank you, Kathy, for keeping America reading!