Travel Log: Day 246 - Apalachicola, Fl

I had the wonderful opportunity to spend six days in Apalachicola, Florida and could have easily stayed the rest of the winter. I found myself a home at a local coffee shop called Café con Leche. The name jumped out at me as I cruised by the first day. Café con Leche was the first real Spanish phase I leaned when I spent that wild and crazy summer in Spain in 1978. The next phase I learned, which added to the craziness, was cuba libre con ginebra, but that’s another story entirely.

That first day I walked in,Tamara Suarez and Liz Hernandez treated me as if I were a local. After days of convenient-store coffee, their café Americano was elixir from heaven. Straus played quietly in the background; it was a welcome melody and a nice change from a squawking voice in the last place that served something they called coffee. The lyrics went something like, “Relax, you in Bad Ax.”

Their cranberry scones were worth every calorie and the breakfast tacos were gourmet!

I also discovered Downtown Book and Purl, a bookstore and yarn shop.

Great coffee and books in Apalachicola, what more do you need?