Travel Log: Bird Update

My dear friend and fellow birder, Kathy Smith, reminded me that I need to include my bird sightings on my blog. Visiting Florida gave me the opportunity to add more than a dozen birds to my life list. Probably the most surprising were the anhinga, the black-crowned night heron, and the Great White Heron common in Florida, but not in Texas. The black and white warbler flitted across my vision near Manatee Springs, but I was able to identify it since I had my bird book with me. The redheaded woodpecker was a treat as well. Since I have a profound love of the coast, I'm determined to spot all the wading birds. These large, graceful birds seem to speak to me from a distant past, one I am only vaguely aware of. There are only 5 left for me to spot. The limpkin, only in South Florida, eluded me as did the Wurdemann's heron (cross between the Great Blue heron and the Great Write egret). The white-face ibis is somewhere back in Texas and I'll have to travel to South American to find the scarlet ibis, but that's not where I'm headed. When I get to the northeast, I'll look for the Little White egret. Wish me luck.
Thanks Kathy!