Meet Stephanie Barko: Fellow Texan, Birder, and Lover of Books

Texas Writers Month

Did you know that May is Texas Writers Month? 

To commemorate Texas Writers Month this year, I virtually visited with 30 of the bestselling and best known authors living in Texas today, and published their remarks on my blog.  

The talent I discovered was all over the state, and so diverse that it came in both genders and a variety of races and creeds.  These prominent authors told me how they got to Texas and then proceeded to describe how they came to write what they do.  The interviews wrap up with their thoughts about how their writing became popular and what they’re working on now.

The authors in the Texas Writers Month Author Interview Series were so generous that almost every interview includes a signed new release giveaway.

Thank you for the opportunity to invite your following to celebrate Texas Writers Month with me at  I hope each and every one of your followers wins a book.  The complete schedule of which author is coming when is at

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