Raven the Trickster

Ravens have been coming at me left and right. Bird Note told the myth of Raven the Trickster and how the sun came to be in the sky. The chief of the native people of the Northwest had control of the sun and kept it hidden in a box. Raven came up with a plan to steal the sun from the chief. He turned himself into a fir needle and landed in the chief's daughter's glass of water. The girl drank the water, swallowing the fir needle. She became pregnant and gave birth to a baby boy. The boy opened the chef's box, took the sun, and ran outside. He changed back into Raven and flew high into the sky to hang the sun. When we hear that comical caw of the Raven, it is the Trickster laughing at his joke on the chief. Log on to bird note and listen to the complete story.
Stay tuned for more Raven stories.