Tuesday Trivia: Sherlock Holmes

Rarely is there a person, young or old, who cannot instantly indentify the man with the chiseled facial features wearing a deerstalker cap, puffing on a curved pipe, and staring intently through a magnifying lens, as Sherlock Holmes. When the words, “Elementary, my dear Watson,” are spoken, no explanation as to the phrase’s origin or meaning is necessary. And even if one has never seen the film or read the story, everyone knows that THE HOUND OF THE BASKERVILLES is a spine-chilling mystery involving the world’s greatest detective. Here’s a few trivia questions from my book, THE SHERLOCK HOLMES TRIVIOGRAPHY AND QUIZ BOOK. Try your hand and see how you do.

What are Holmes’ first words to Dr. Watson?
Which beverage does Holmes enjoy in large quantities?
Who gives Holmes his gold snuffbox with an amethyst in the center?
Who is the landlady of 221B Baker Street mention ONLY in “A Scandal in Bohemia?”
Which section of the newspaper does Holmes peruse daily, looking for clues?
According to Holmes, how many different perfume scents exist?