Mystery Trivia Tuesday: Agatha Christie

Stabbed in the back in the train station during rush hour–no witnesses. Strangled in a phone booth during lunch time–impossible. Stabbed in the heart during a quiet bridge game–everyone has an alibi. Agatha Christie was a master at plotting. Can you identify the following two Agatha Christie mysteries:

A huge boulder fell from the top of Abu Simbel, Simon Doyle was shot in the leg, Linnet Doyle was shot in the head. Salome Otterbourne died from a gunshot wound, and a maid was stabbed to death. Hercule Poirot gathered the clues, analyzed the chain of events, and discovered the vengeful plot that led to murder.

Suspects in the murder of Arlena Stuart Marshall included Captain Marshall, Patrick and Christine Redfern, a minister, a dress designer, and an offensive Englishman. While on vacation at this seaside resort, Hercule Poirot unraveled the mystery.

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