Mystery Trivia Tuesday: Agatha Christie

See if you can name the murderer, motive, and victim of these 3 most popular Agatha Christie mysteries.
1.  In Murder on the Orient Express, the victim was killed in his sleep. His body was riddled with multiple knife wound. Many felt he deserved to die lest his sins go unpunished.

2.  Mrs. Boynton ruled over her family like a tyrant in Appointment with Death. Emotional abuse was her weapon. Every member of her family had a notice for her murder. But when the desert dust cleared, Hercule Poirot knew the truth. Who killed this heartless woman?

3.  There were two murders in St. Mary Mead, and Miss Marple hated murder. In The Body in the Library, she set a trap and caught the killer. Who were the two victims?

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