Mystery Trivia Quiz: Agatha Christie Quiz Contest

Be the first to answer the following Agatha Christie trivia questions correctly and I'll send you an autographed a copy of What's Your Agatha Christie I.Q.?

1. Several of Christie's mysteries were published under alternate titles. Which other title was given to Murder in the Calais Coach?
A.  The Mystery of the Blue Train
B.  Passage to Frankfurt
C.  Murder on the Orient Express

2.  In which mystery was the heartless Mrs. Boynton murdered? Hint: Hercule Poirot uncovered the truth.
A.  Appointment with Death
B.  A Murder is Announced
C.  By the Pricking of My Thumbs

3.  Midge loved Edward who loved Henrietta who loved John who loved Veronica who was not his wife.  What's the title of this Poirot mystery?
A.  Murder After Hours
B.  The Moving Finger
C.  Cards on the Table

4.  What is the title of the first Agatha Christie mystery?
A.  The Secret Advisory
B.  The Mysterious Affair at Styles
C.  Murder on the Links

5.  Probably one of the most intriguing and unsolved mysteries involved Dame Agatha herself when she disappeared in December 1926. For how many days was she missing?
A.  29
B.  11
C.  18

6.  Which mystery begins with the line: "In my end is my beginning . . ."
A.  The Murder of Roger Ackroyd
B.  Murder She Said
C.  Endless Night

7.  Which character said, "I'll kill him before I give him up to you?"
A.  Jane Wilkinson in Thirteen at Dinner
B.  Mrs. Burton Cox in Elephants Can Remember
C.  Mrs. Crale in Murder in Retrospect

8.  Which mystery featured the ancient monument Abu Simbel?
A.  They Came to Baghdad
B.  Death on the Nile
C.  Murder in Mesopotamia

9.  What was the name of Christie‚Äôs play, which was known as the longest-running play in theatrical history?
A. The Mousetrap
B.  Black Coffee
C.  Spider's Web

10. What pseudonym did Christie use in writing her romance novels?
A.  Agatha Mallowan
B.  Mary Westmacott
C.  Joan Scudamore

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