Tuesday Trivia: Alfred Hitchcock

Alfred Hitchcock Trivia: The Funny Man
            Just Whistle a Happy Tune: Did you know that Alfred Hitchcock was a practical joker and possessed an odd sense of humor?  To entertain his guests at cocktail parties, Hitchcock, on occasion, would paint a sailor’s face on his belly, it’s lips in the shape on an “O” around his naval. He would then whistle a tune while shaking his belly and making it appear as if the painted sailor was whistling.
            Come As You Are:  Distinguished actor Sir Gerald du Maurier was often the victim of Hitchcock’s pranks and practical jokes. On one occasion Hitchcock told Sir Gerald that he was giving a costume party and to dress appropriately. The unsuspecting actor arrived in costume only to discover that the affair was black air. Sir Gerald fled the party in embarrassment. 

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