Mystery Trivia Tuesday:

Four Quick Questions about Rex Stout's Nero Wolfe

Rex Stout, Raymond Chandler, and Mickey Spillane were just a few of the classic writers of noir fiction who were an inspiration to me when I began writing my Sydney Lockhart mystery series.

1.  What is the title of Rex Stout's first Nero Wolfe mystery?
2.  What is the British title of the 1952 Nero Wolfe mystery Prisoner's Base?
3.  A victim is murdered by a cyanide soft-drink cocktail—a puzzle that proved difficult even for Wolfe to solve. What is the name of this Nero Wolfe mystery?
4.  What is the title of the Nero Wolfe mystery in which a wealthy woman claims she is being stalked by the FBI? This book is considered one of Rex Stout's best.