Mystery Trivia Tuesday: Nero Wolfe Leaves Home

After I graduated college, I packed my bags, and with my dog in tow, moved to Manhattan. I found an apartment on 30th and Madison and began my life as an urban explorer. Except for growing up in a small Texas town and reading too many Nero Wolfe mysteries, there was no reasonable excuse for not looking for a real job and beginning a life of responsibility. After almost a year of visiting jazz clubs and museums, and elbowing my way through throngs of humanity, I missed seeing sunrises over natural horizons and I headed back to Texas.
Although Nero Wolfe rarely left his midtown Manhattan brownstone, it was not beyond him to travel to other parts of the country. Here are three Nero Wolfe mysteries set outside of New York City. Can you identify them?
What mystery takes place in Montana, causing Wolfe to leave the comforts of his brownstone in the Big Apple? 
What is the name of the mystery that takes place in Upstate New York where Archie accompanies Wolfe to an orchid show? 
What is the name of the mystery where Wolfe travels to West Virginia to address a conclave of chefs?
Share your own favorites by posting a comment. 

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