Mystery Trivia Tuesday: Agatha Christie Disappears

At 9:45 on Friday evening, December 3, 1926, Agatha Christie put her daughter Rosalind to bed, grabbed her fur coat, and left home. What she hoped would be an action that would bring her wayward husband to his senses exploded into an event that haunted her for the rest of her life. Christie was gone for eleven days. The events surrounding her disappearance remained a mystery only until recently when her best friend’s daughter and son-in-law decided to tell the entire story. In Jared Cade’s book, Agatha Christie and the Eleven Missing Days, he tells Agatha’s story. 
Below are 5 trivia questions surrounding Christie's disappearance. 
1.  What was the name of the place where Christie’s car was found?
a.  Silent Pool                  b.  Newland’s Corner                  c.  Dorking
2.  Where was Christie during this time?
a.  London                           b.  at her sister-in-laws            c.  Harrogate Hyrdo Spa
3. Who was Archie Christie’s mistress
a.  Nancy Neele                  b.  it was never disclosed         c.  Agatha’s cousin
4.  What object did Christie leave behind in her car?
a.  a map                           b.  her purse                              c.  her fur
5.  What mystery writer helped search for Christie?
a. Arthur Conan Doyle   b.  Dorothy Sayers                     c.  G. K. Chesterson
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