Mystery Trivia Tuesday: Holmes Has Gone to the Dogs

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I’ve often written about actors who’ve portrayed Sherlock Holmes. One thing most have in common is that once they don the cap and cape and walk into 221B Baker Street, the transformation in instantaneous. Be it Rathbone, Brett, Downey Jr. or Cumberbatch, they don’t play Holmes they become Holmes. And that includes one of my favorite, a Jack Russell Terrier named Wishbone. From 1995 to 1998, the spunky terrier played various characters from literature on the PBS children’s series Wishbone. His repertoire included Sancho Panza, Robin Hood, Tom Sawyer, Oliver Twist, Romeo Montague, Quasimodo, Edward Dantes, and Sherlock Holmes in, what else, The Hound of the Baskervilles. Was he convincing? Absolutely. The little dog nailed Holmes. True, we didn’t see him clamp the clay pipe between his teeth, but otherwise his portrayal was flawless.
            Can any other dog breed play Holmes so convincingly: a poodle, golden lab, Pomeranian? I think not. What’s your opinion?  
Check out the youtube video of his performance.

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