Mystery Trivia Tuesday: Holmes Potpourri

The following Sherlock Holmes trivia came from one of my favorite reference books, Encyclopedia Sherlockiana: The Complete A-To-Z Guide of the World of the Great Detective, written by Matthew E. Bunson. 
1.  What is the name of the village in Afghanistan where Dr. Watson was wounded?
2.  Who was the greengrocer with the wooden leg who brought supplies to Alexander Holder in “The Adventure of the Beryl Coronet?”
3.  Who was the Scotland Yard detective in charge of the investigation of “The Naval Treaty?”
4.  Where did Holmes recover after his ordeal in “The Reigate Squires?”
5.  What weapon did Holmes use to destroy the busts of Napoleon in “The Adventures of the Six Napoleons?”
6.  Who was the owner of the Aurora in The Sign of Four?
7.  Where did Dr. Watson take his degree of Doctor of Medicine?
8.  Who was Holmes disguised as in “The Adventure of Black Peter?”
9.  What did Violet Hunter, Mary Morstan, Miss Dabney, Grace Dunhar and Miss Burnet have in common?
10.  Who did Holmes refer to as the King of All Blackmailers and the worst man in London?