Agatha Christie Trivia Book Review

Fellow mystery writer William S. Shepard was one of the first to review my Agatha Christie Trivia book. The new title is The Agatha Christie Triviography and Quiz Book, just released on May 12 by LL-Publications 
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This review is on amazon:
This is the first of Kathleen Kaska's helpful trilogy for mystery fans - the other two concern Alfred Hitchcock and Sherlock Holmes. My Agatha Christie I.Q. should be fairly good, for I've read some 20 of her books, and given two cruise lectures on Agatha Christie's Middle East. But I found, amongst her 60 quizzes, said to comprise 1001 puzzle questions, lots that I didn't know or had forgotten. It's not as intimidating as it sounds, for with the help of the bibliography, which lists the entire Christie canon, the reader will be able to puzzle out many of the answers that are less familiar. This is the sort of exercise that might in less skilled hands have become wearisome - but instead, this book is fun, and a valued addition to the Agatha Christie shelf in your mystery library. Here are all sorts of quizzes to suit your mood, from the names of her books (and the ones she didn't use), to motives, murders, and victims. There are films highlighted here, as well as her wonderful plays, and even crossword puzzles! A fine, enjoyable effort from the reliable Kathleen Kaska!