Blog Tour: Interview by Ryder Islington

During the month of May, I've invited a few authors to help kick off my mystery-trivia book tour. Today Ryder Islington, author of Ultimate Justice, is interviewing me on her blog. Find out some surprising information about Agatha Christie, Alfred Hitchcock, and Arthur Conan Doyle; what gave me the idea to writer mystery trivia; what I do when I'm not writing, and the writing demon I constantly battle. 

Post a comment on my blog on any day between April 30 and June 1 and your name will be entered in a drawing for one of my trivia books. Three names will be drawn, one for each book.
What’s Your Agatha Christie I.Q?, originally published in 1996 by Citadel Press, has been updated and is being reissued by LL-Publications. The new title is The Agatha Christie Triviography and Quiz Book.  If you enjoy mystery trivia, check out my other two mystery-trivia books The Sherlock Holmes Triviography and Quiz Book and The Alfred Hitchcock Triviography and Quiz Book, also updated and just out.
Tomorrow Mollie Cox Bryan, author of Scrapbook Secrets: A Cumberland Creek Mystery, is hosting me on her blog site. Read about Agatha Christie in the Middle East: "Digging for Ancient Treasures." Stop by if you have time.