Mystery Trivia Tuesday: The Birds

I want to thank Nancy Lauzon who hosted me yesterday on her blog, Chick Dick Mysteries. Entitled, "The Making of a Film, The Making of an Actress," my article is about the filming of The Birds, which took place fifty years ago. Here it is in case you missed it:

Answers are below.

Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds

1.  Who was Hitchcock’s first choice to play Mitch Brenner, a role that was eventually given to Rod Taylor?
a.  Jimmy Stewart                        b.  Sean Connery                        c.  Farley Granger

2. How long did it take to shoot the final scene when the birds attacked Tippi Hedren?
a.  12 hours                                    b.  one week                              c.  three days

3.  Where was the movie filmed?
a.  Santa Barbara                        c.  San Francisco                         c.  Bodega Bay

4.  Who is Tippi Hedren’s actress daughter?
a.  Melanie Griffin                        b.  Meg Ryan                            c.  Julia Roberts

5.  Who wrote the short story in which the film is based?
a.  Daphne Du Maurier            b.  Edgar Allan Poe                        c.  Alma Hitchcock

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