Stop by Baker Street Beat today. Dan Andriacco is hosting me on his site and has posted my article about Irene Adler, the only woman who stumped Sherlock Holmes. 

Post a comment on my blog on any day between April 30 and June 1 and your name will be entered in a drawing for one of my trivia books. Three names will be drawn, one for each book.

The Sherlock Holmes Triviography and Quiz Book has been updated and is being reissued by LL-Publications.  If you enjoy mystery trivia, check out my other two mystery-trivia books The Agatha Christie and Quiz Book and The Alfred Hitchcock Triviography and Quiz Book, also updated and just out.

Dan is the author of the new Sebastian McCabe/Jeff Cody mystery series. The first two books, No Police Like Holmes and Holmes Sweet Holmes are two you won't want to pass up.