Mystery Trivia Tuesday: Who IS this Guy?

Who am I? I'm a writer, not an author. What's the difference, you ask? A writer makes money. I made my first buck as a writer when I was fourteen. I cut my teeth on writing for several different comics. When the Japanese blew up Pearl Harbor, I joined the Army Air Core, ready to fight. Instead, I spent my war years stateside teaching pilots how to fly. After WWII, I joined Barnum and Bailey Circus where I became a trapeze artist and knife thrower. I finally went back to writing and found I had a knack for hard-boiled detective stories. Some critics said my stories were too violent, but violence is what sold and that's what I wrote. Like I said, a writer makes money. Okay, so maybe my protagonist was a bit rough, but he was what he was. If he had to smack a dame to get information, so what. By the way, my books have sold more the 200 million copies worldwide, so I must have done something right. Right?