Small Press Friday: Welcomes Theresa Varela

Writer Theresa Varela tells us about the world of independent publishing and how Indie books have found their way onto her reading list.
So Many Books, So Little Time

The Earth is in spin right about now and most people I know are trying to keep up at breakneck pace. Nearly all of us writers spend a portion of our treasured hours reading books of all types. What makes a reader pick a particular book when time is as precious as the gold coins we use to buy them? There are a great many delightful choices with the explosion of Indie books. Not only do we have the great fortune of more available books but we can also get to know the authors in ways never before possible. Blogging can help authors to develop a solid author platform. With the current abundance of blogs, the reader receives the opportunity to know more about authors and their books, the practical application of the authors’ philosophies on writing, and whether they’ve gone sailing or apple picking the previous weekend. This is a far cry from the austere way writers were separated from their readers in the past.
When I pick a book written by an Indie author who’s unknown to me, it’s usually because we’ve connected in some personal way. It might be a small distinction but it does differentiate authors for me. I choose books written by someone who takes the time to answer the comments left on his or her blog by truly interested readers. An author who, on occasion, visits the blogs of people who frequent theirs is another type of author whose book I will probably choose. I’ve never been too keen on buying a book or on going back to visit a blog where the writer screams for attention but doesn’t seem to reciprocate the time and effort afforded by their readers. Going back for a second book by a particular author is usually done because the first was well written and somehow spoke to my soul. That really seals the deal.
How do you choose the next book for your TBR list? Let us know!

Theresa Varela is a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner and holds an earned PhD in Nursing. When not writing she works in Community-based Mental Health with a focus in Addictions. When weaving poetry and prose she blends Spiritualism and Santeria and creates stories that some may call “paranormal,” but that she terms as, “normal.” Theresa writes mostly about Latinas who do what it takes to squeeze out of the expectations of traditional women’s roles and create new and wondrous lives.
Theresa has just completed her manuscript Covering the Sun with My Hand and is searching out a ‘right fit’ with an agent and editor. In this novel, Julia Acevedo tells her story about the detours she must take on her path to becoming a liberated woman in the late 1970’s in Park Slope, NYC. As she eagerly plans her escape from a ‘too traditional’ family, her twin brother, Rene, is stricken with mental illness. Julia shares her path as she finds her way back on what turns out to be a profound and illuminating journey.