Day 2: Twisted Minds and What If's

In honor of Alfred Hitchcock, I began my "Twisted Mind," series yesterday on what would have been his 113th birthday. If you missed yesterday's post, just scroll down to catch up.

Welcome back. Today Dr. Peterson conducted her first therapy session with several of Hitchcock's "disturbed" characters. Leave a comment for each day during the series and you'll have a chance to win a copy of  my book: The Alfred Hitchcock Triviography and Quiz Book.

August 14 – 10:00 a.m.
Ref: Tools of Therapy.

Marnie:  “I’m sick and tired of hearing Norman ramble on about his mother.”
Dr. Peterson:  “Now, now, Margaret, how do we express our objections concerning someone else’s behavior?”
Marnie:  “I feel frustrated when he—”
Dr. Peterson: “Speak directly to Norman, Margaret.”
Marnie: “I feel frustrated when, you, Norman, blame every blessed thing on your poor mother.”
Bob [huffily]:  “Are you sympathizing with your mother, Marnie, or Marion, or May, or whatever your name is?”
Marnie:  “Sympathize! Oh, mama, I can sympathize, Mr. Rusk! All I did was steal from the filthy rich and give to my poor mother.”
Scottie [whispering]: “I think that—”
[Marnie silences Scottie with a threatening stare and rephrases her response to Rob Rusk.]
Marnie:  “What I did was an accident."
Norman:  “We’re all accidents. Everyone one of us.” 
Marnie:  “I feel more like a victim than an accident.”
Dr. Peterson:  “Tell us about feeling like a victim, Marnie.”
[Scottie makes another attempt at getting noticed by raising his hand. Marnie is not thrilled about answering her therapist’s question and is exasperated by Scottie’s interruptions.]
Marnie:  “Yes, Scottie, what is it?
Scottie:  “I have a suggestion for you, Marnie. Have you ever thought about wearing your beautiful, blonde hair in a French twist? A gray suit or black evening dress would suit you nicely. I once knew a woman . . . actually two women . . . or was it just one? I can’t remember.”
Norman [whining]:  “But my mother’s not dead.”
[I surreptitiously slip two aspirin from a bottle and swallow them dry.]
[C. P., MD]
Join Dr. Peterson tomorrow for round two when she tries again.