Day 5: Twisted Minds and What If's

If you're just now tuning in, these therapy sessions began on Alfred Hitchcock's birthday on Monday, August 13. 
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Day 5
August 17 – 9 a.m.
Re.:  Vicarious Victims.
Scottie:  “It should be obvious to everyone why we’re so screwed up. It was Hitchcock! He wrote his guilt, fear, and lack of self-confidence into all of us. We’re merely victims of his own neuroses.”
[A collective gasp filled the room.]
Lady Henrietta:  “What does Hitch have to feel guilty about, anyway?”
John:  “You know what I heard? His mother demanded that he stand in front of her and give the old bag a minute-by-minute rundown of his daily activities.”
Norman:  “My mother wants me to tell her everything, too. She’s always looking out for my well-being. As I always say, ‘a boy’s best friend is his mother.’”
Charlie [shouting]:  “Face it, Norman. You mother’s dead!”
[Norman drops his stuffed bird and rolls into a fetal position on the floor. Marnie sits beside Norman, trying to comfort him.] 
Lady Henrietta:  “We’re all really sick of your attitude, Mr. Oakley. You have a chip of your shoulder the size of California. Leave poor Norman alone. He’s had a bad time.”
[I smile, pleased over Marnie’s display of compassion and Lady Henrietta’ assertiveness. However, I’m is still concerned about Norman not remembering that he killed his mother, and about Mr. Oakley’s raw hostility. So I decide to push a little harder.]
Dr. Peterson:  “What neurosis did Mr. Hitchcock give you, Mr. Oakle?”
[I take notes. Charlie looks around to find all eyes on him, except Norman’s, who is looking up Marnie’s skirt.
Charlie:  “Why does everyone take up for Norman? We’re all here for help, aren’t we? I didn’t want to kill all of those horrible women. I was so angry at their greed and selfishness. You can understand, can’t you, Rusk? Talk about sick behavior. What about your brutal murders?”
Bob:  “Pent-up sexual frustration while feeling sexually inadequate. Right, Dr. Petersen? Besides, I believe that our good doctor here was posing the question to you, Oakley.”
Charlie:  “Well . . . I suppose it was some sort of . . . low self-esteem thing. Sorry, Norman.”
[Norman looks around and his voice becomes high-pitched.]
Norman:  “Norman’s not here. I sent him to bed without his supper for having naughty thoughts about Marnie.”
[C. P., MD]
Dr. Peterson looked down at her notebook and realized she’d scratched a deep hole in it. Tomorrow's the last day. Will she be able to conclude this project or will things get ugly?