Peek at Murder at the Galvez

Today, author and blogger, Darlene of  Darlene's Book Nook is hosting me on her blog. I'm posing these questions to her readers:

What if someone checked into that room and found a dead body in the bathtub? 
What if that person were a young, single woman traveling alone? 
What if the police suspected her of being the killer? 
And finally, what if the woman and the detective on the case were instantly attracted to one another?
You now have the circumstances surrounding my protagonist, Sydney Lockhart, in her first mystery, Murder at the Arlington.

Here's the synopsis for Murder at the Galvez.
Reporter Sydney Lockhart checks into the Hotel Galvez to report on the controversial Pelican Island Development Project conference, an assignment she’s not looking forward to. The last time she entered the hotel’s foyer was eighteen years earlier when she had discovered her grandfather’s murdered body. She plans to get her story and get out. But soon after arriving, the conference is cancelled; the keynote speaker is missing. When his body turns up in the trunk of Sydney’s car, she finds herself embroiled in another murder, one that forces her to reevaluate the integrity of two men she loved and trusted: her grandfather and her father.

Want a chance to win a free copy of Murder at the Galvez when it comes out in November? Just leave a comment on BOOK NOOK and your name goes into the hat.

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