7 Things About Me

A couple of weeks ago fellow writer, KT Wagner, tagged me in her blog. The tag was a challenge to post "7 Things About Me" and nominate seven people to carry it on.
So, here are my seven things:

Who is that woman?
1.  I'm training for a marathon, which I will run in February in Austin.
2.  A big moment for me is spotting a bird I've never seen before; my latest, a tufted puffin.
3.  I grew up in a small town in Central Texas and spent most of my childhood outside, exploring my grandparents' 1000-acre farm. As a result, if the sun is shining, I'm outside.
4.  I have three wonderful younger sister (no brothers) who are also marathon runners.
5.  I'm a supporter of animal rights.
6.  I've been married for 27 years to a man who still makes me laugh.
7.  Don't hate me, but I do not like Oreo cookies.

Now for my tags.  (I didn’t check with everyone first, so please just ignore me if you don’t have time for this.)
Link back to the person who nominated you.
List 7 Things about yourself. Can be anything you want.
Nominate 7 other people.
I nominate:
Mike Starring
Jenny Milchman
Nancy Lauzon
Nancy Cohen
Vonnie Hughes
Dan Andriacco
Earl Staggs