Mystery Trivia Tuesday: Suchet as Poirot Coming to an End

I just received my Agatha Christie newsletter and read that actor David Suchet, after 23 years of playing Hercule Poirot, will call it quits; the last episode, Curtain, how appropriate. Curtain is the story of Poirot's last case. He's been on the job for more than sixty years and returns to Styles where we first meet him while investigating the death of Emily Inglethrop. In this last case, he also teams up with Hastings again whom he hasn't worked with since 1937. I will not spoil the ending, but you may want to have a box of tissue on your bedside table while reading.
Christie wrote this final Poirot mystery during WWII fearing that she might not survive the blitz. She had it locked away in a bank vault for more than thirty years. It was published in 1975 when Christie was eighty-five.

In honor of Suchet's longtime portrayal of the little Belgian detective, I'll be giving a way a copy of my reissued and updated book, The Agatha Christie Triviography and Quiz Book (LL-Publications.)
Just leave a comment by November 27, telling me the title of your favorite Christie mystery.
Here are a few questions to test your David Suchet trivia knowledge:
1.  In which 1980 made-for-TV movie, taken from a Charles Dickens novel, did Suchet star?
2.  What was his role in the 1998-2000 Broadway production of Amadeus?
3.  In what American film did he play a bigfoot hunter?
Look for Suchet next spring; he'll be narrating a new Christie documentary.

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