Sunday's for the Birds: 8 Little Chicks to be Exact

Meet Operation Migration's Class of 2013

Photo from OM's website:

These eight chicks are identified as numbers: 1-13, 2-13, 3-13, 4-13, 5-13, 6-15, 7-13, and 8-13. The first number in their ID is their hatching order and the second number is the year they hatched. So, number 1-13 is older that 8-13. They hatched between May 14 and May 18 and have already graduated from "eating" school and are now in migration school, getting used to the sound of the ultralight engine and the sight of the big white bird who is teaching them. When they are about sixty days old, they will be shipped to White River Marsh in Wisconsin where they will engage in flight training.
The handlers and trainers resist giving these cute chicks nicknames, but if you give them individual names, what would they be? I named the one of the bottom left "Perky."
For more information of this wonderful program, check out the following video.

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