Fun, Food, Festivals, and Feathers (as in Birds)

          One of my earliest memories is of my parents loading up the cooler, shoving it in the trunk (along with a few suitcases) of our 1950-something Plymouth, and heading to Galveston. We always stayed in the same room at the Silver Sands Motel. After spending the entire day on the beach, Mom would open the cooler and we'd feast on fried chicken, potato salad, and chocolate cake. While on these vacations, my sisters and I could have as many soft drinks and potato chips as we wanted. It didn't matter at the end of the day that we had sand in our bathing suits and our hair. It didn't matter that our sandcastles got washed away by the tides. It didn't matter that the shells we collected started to smell. The next morning, we'd be back on the beach for another day of fun.
          The Texas coast is still my favorite place in the world. Whether it's Galveston, Palacios, Rockport, Port Aransas, or Port Isabel, I love it!
 Texas Now Magazine is a wonderful resource for announcing upcoming events taking place in coastal towns from Galveston to Port Isabel.
Spoonbills and a tri-colored heron