Monday Mania: Jeans--Straight-legged and Tight

In less than a week, I will turn sixty-one. Every year before my birthday, I reflect, as I’m sure many
of us do. I think about the changes in my life: what needs to be changed; what I don’t want changed, but change away; what I try to change and can’t.
            Today, I reflected on changes that occurred after my last birthday. My husband and I were spending several days in Vancouver. I love that city. It’s where we go for a hefty dose of the big city life. Vancouver is cosmopolitan, full of the young and rich; slim and healthy; smart and confident; successful and innovative. I love taking in everything the city has to offer and I love people watching. This time I noticed the women; mainly what they wore. And I realized that somewhere along the way, I fell behind in the fashion department. I had worn the same style of straight-leg jeans (which compared to modern straight-legs, look like bell bottoms) for the past thirty years. None of the women on the street wore this brand. Then I noticed my reflection in a store window and was aghast at my appearance: faded, wide-leg jeans; clogs; and a twenty-year old safari jacket. I decided it was time for a change. The jeans would be the first to go.
            It wasn't long before I found a shop that had exactly what I wanted; dark, tight and slim-fitting jeans. I tried on a pair, looked in the mirror and was shocked. My butt was gone; my legs were longer; I looked hot. I was wearing these babies out of the store. Then I looked at the price tag—$250.00—no wonder my butt disappeared, at that price it better. I tried another shop and another and another; same thing. I came back to the hotel depressed. I swore I’d never put on those old jeans again, which meant I wore skirts the rest of the week.
            Now I was on a mission to find stylish jeans that didn’t require a fashion improvement loan. The following week I was on my way to Texas for a book tour and to spend time with my sisters, the shopping gurus. The first stop was a discount department store where I found a pair of black $140 Michael Kors jeans on sale for $40.00. I bought ‘em. Next stop, another pair. These were turquoise with little cuffs marked down from $100 to $39. I bought those, too. Then I spotted a pair of blood-red ones on sale for $19. Too bad they didn’t have my size in every color, I would have bought those, too. Within a few hours, I had a new jeans wardrobe and to keep from backsliding into old reliables, as soon as I returned home, I gathered all six pair, gave them a group hug, and took them to Goodwill.
            Am I happy with my choice? Damn right. Sixty never looked so good. My next fashion decision, no more clogs. This change would be much more fun since I’m a shoe addict. Stay tuned for my next post on Monday Mania: Hot Heels: Foot Pain Be Damned.