Great Venue for Holiday Book Sales

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Holiday Gift Shows: The Right Venue, A Great Spiel, and A Cute Puppy           
It’s no news that writers have to market and promote their own books nowadays. I’ve always said that if I had to make a living in retails I’d probably starve. But, I’ve learned something over the last few years that has made the task of selling my own books easier. Yes, I still get tongue-tied if I have to ask people for money, but I have no problem talking about my books. I often speak at libraries, book groups, community organizations, and writers’ conferences. Folks who attend these events are there to learn and listen and not necessarily to spend money, which is okay because I enjoy doing those engagements. And most times I pick up a stipend and a few sales. But there are other events, especially this time of year, where I can usually count on big sales.
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