A Warm Welcome to Morgan Mandel

Help me welcome prolific writer Morgan Mandel. Morgan is sharing her  "don't" writing list. Leave a comment and share your list of writing don'ts. 

Don’t Do What I Do by Morgan Mandel

I’m a disorganized author, and not proud of it. I know better, yet I continually break so many
common sense writing rules, I wonder how I get anything done. By some miracle, somehow I seem to muddle through and my books happen. Maybe they’d happen sooner, though, if I followed what I know I should be doing.

Here are some of the don’ts that I do: 

1.     Don’t start the day (your free time if you have a day job) by reading and responding to e-mail, Facebook, Twitter and other online sites before proceeding to your Work in Progress. I confess to not applying discipline, and goofing off way too much, when my energy should be focused on writing.

2.     Don’t begin writing a book, stop and start another without finishing the first. I am so guilty of this. To my horror, I now have five works in progress, and my brain keeps inspiring me with new ideas. Aren’t five enough? Last year I decided to get my books done in the order I’d started them. I did finish one that way.

Since then, I discovered a thriller I’d not finished five years ago, and it’s already got 15,000 words to it. Should I complete it first, or the western romance NanoWriMo I didn’t get done three years ago? Or, Always Young, the last of the Always Young Trilogy which I’ve already promised and must deliver? Then there’s the sequel to my romantic comedy, Her Handyman, which one of the secondary characters insists I write. Also, over the summer I started a controversial political thriller, which I’d love to get done. I’m wondering which one will win the race. At this point, they’re all tied.

3.     Don’t edit your manuscripts first, instead of writing them. One reason I lag behind is my inner editor keeps telling me to get everything as perfect as possible on the first draft. I need to shut that inner editor into a dark closet and not let it out until I’ve reached the end of the first draft.

4.     Don’t forget to get out of your comfort zone. I find it exceedingly easy to invite guests to my blogs, and promote them. What’s really difficult is to be a guest on someone else’s blog and tell people about myself and my books. Well, I’m here today, and that’s a good start.

What about you? Do you follow one or more of my don’ts, or maybe you apply others which delay the completion of your books?


The versatile Morgan Mandel, former President of her local RWA chapter and once Library Liaison for Midwest MWA, writes thrillers, mysteries and romances. Her most recent release is the Blessing or Curse Collection of short stories, which is the sequel to her full length thriller, Forever Young: Blessing or Curse. While the first of the trilogy focuses on the dangers to one main protagonist, the sequel studies the relationships of five test subjects taking the Forever Young pill.
Morgan’s ever popular Girl of My Dreams, is a reality show romance; and her more recent romantic comedy, Her Handyman, features a handyman, a crazy canine and a rich, quirky artist.
Morgan’s romantic suspense, Killer Career, about a lawyer’s dangerous career change, and Two Wrongs, Morgan’s debut mystery, are both set in Chicago.
Amazon Author Page: http://www.amazon.com/author/morganmandel.
For more about Morgan and her books, check out her website, blog, Facebook Page, and Twitter at @MorganMandel.