Monday Mania: No Operating Instructions Needed

            It’s been a couple of months since I’ve blogged on Monday Mania. I like to use the excuse I was too busy, but truth be told I wasn’t sure if I wanted to post my latest encounter with style changes that I’d incorporated into my life since my most recent birthday. In my last blog, I added a teaser for my next post: training bras and starter thongs. So I feel obligated to proceed. You see, I get asked strange questions when I shop for simple underwear.
            A couple of year ago, I was shopping at a nationwide department store, looking for a certain style underwire bra in a certain size—mine. A size I didn’t consider very unusual, certainly not obsolete. But when the sales clerk informed me that the store no longer carried that size in an underwire and suggested I try their junior department and check out their training bras, well, let’s just say it was a good thing I was speechless, otherwise the words forming in my mind would have resulted in my arrest. Did you ever wonder about the term “training bra?” What exactly are you supposed to train?
            My most recent underwear encounter happened only a few weeks ago. I wasn’t actually shopping for myself, but for a young woman who was about to be married into our wacky family. I was in a lingerie shop looking for something sensuous, but not too shocking when a sales clerk sidled up to me and asked if I was interested in seeing their new “starter thongs.” Was this in the same category as training bras? At my age, did I look like I need a “starter” in any form of underwear? The clerk looked younger than most of my lingerie. Again, I was speechless.
            Am I missing something here, or are sixty-something women supposed to be too old to have a clue? The gift I purchased that day was for me. It had cute little satin buttons. I told the clerk I did not need operating instructions—thank you very much.