Book it for Friday Book Review: Marjorie Harris Carr: Defender of Florida's Environment

Peggy Macdonald, writer and adjunct professor of history at Stetson University (University Press of Florida, 2014), has just published Marjorie Harris Carter: Defender of Florida's Environment, an enthralling account of one woman’s tireless efforts to save the Ocklawaha River Valley by stopping the construction of the Cross Florida Barge Canal. Marjorie Harris Carr, scientist, housewife, and environmental activist, took her grassroots campaign all the way to federal court to prevent the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers from causing an environmental disaster that would have destroyed one of Florida’s most unique ecosystem; polluted the Floridan Aquifer (the state’s main source of drinking water), and contaminated the surface water of North Central Florida. Carr’s unprecedented four-decade campaign stands today as a model for all future environmental movements. MacDonald has written a wonderful biography of a woman who deserves to be honored and remembered as a true environmentalist as Rachel Carson and Aldo Leopold.
This book is a must for anyone passionate about conserving our environment.
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