Monday Mania: French Women Don't Get Fat

            I don’t even remember why I picked up Mireille Guiliano’s bestselling book about these lucky French ladies. I love reading books about food and travel, so that could have been the reason. French Women Don’t Get Fat wasn’t what I expected, and most of what Guiliano professed to, I already knew. Nevertheless, I absorbed every chapter and when finished, I rushed out to buy book number two, French Women for All Seasons. I’m now re-reading the first book because I promised a friend I would loan it to her and I’m afraid if I don’t give myself a refresher course, I might forget some of Guiliano’s valuable edicts.

            Although I obsess over my weight, I don’t actually have a weight problem. I run and cycle several miles each week and participate in a few Marathons every year. Some folks might think this is also obsessive, but for me it’s close to spiritual. However, you’d think after years of moving my butt, I’d have been able to lose those five to six annoying pounds I put on after I turned thirty. By taking Guiliano’s simple advice, I plan to, once and for all, rid myself of the extra pounds. Her plan is for you to reach your weight goal in six months, by retraining yourself concerning your eating habits. My aren't all that bad (no fast food EVER), but I could easily tweak them. I’m in my third month and on track with my goal. The scale proves that, but my jeans don’t. I’m not sure where those two and half missing pounds came from, but my bras are a bit more comfortable. Never mind, though, I knew the targeted area would be stubborn in giving up its cushion.
            Guiliano’s advice can be summed up by the following:

*Cut out the worst offenders in your diet. If you simply can’t let go of those walnut/chocolate chip scones, at least cut back on how often and how many you eat.

*Decrease your portions and include healthy snacks so you don’t feel hungry.

*Eat healthy, fresh, seasonal food. Experiment with knew flavors by adding herbs and spices to your cooking.

*Make eating a joyous event. Celebrate by setting a nice table and planting your butt in a chair. Eat slowly, savoring each bite. Turn off the TV, put away the book, cell phone, and iPad, and please, please don’t eat on the run. Focus on your food and the person you’re with. (The only practice here that seemed a bit ridiculous to me was to peel my banana, slice it up on a plate, put a cloth napkin over my lap, and eat the fruit with a fork. I mean, how many foods can you eat with your fingers and not get your fingers dirty. That practice, I’m not giving up.)

*Exercise moderately. (Seems French women don’t like to sweat, but they do walk as much as possible.)

            Of course, I’ve left out the details and the recipes, but you get the picture. 
           I'll give you an update on July 1. Hopefully, by then, I will have given my old jeans to Goodwill and be sporting some of those tight, skinny ones I've had my eye on for several years. Wish me luck.

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