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One of the things I enjoy most about this blog series is adding must-reads to my list. I've watched The Godfather many times, but never considered reading the novel; now I will. Read on to discover how Mario Puzo's bestseller was a literary inspiration for my guest J. H. Bográn.

How I Met The Godfather

By J. H. Bográn

The first time I read The Godfather I was a teenager who’d never sat through the movies because I found them boring. The book however, proved more influential in both my writing and my personal life. And no, I don’t mean I leave stallion heads on people’s beds.
The Godfather “the novel” follows the life, death, passions and deals of the Corleone Family, particularly its first Don, Vito Corleone. It opens with three people in dire situations and coming to the conclusions that they need the help of Vito Corleone to resolve them. Don Vito sees to his friends' problems. Later in the novel we see the passing of power to the next generation, and Michael later making the hard decisions that would preserve the family's honor and respect.
I read and reread the book several times. Sometimes I'd take it and search for a specific scene, such as when Tom Hagen must tell his Don about the murder of Sonny Corleone. That exchange in particular is one of my favorites. The other one is when Michael removes Tom Hagen from the post of "consigliore."
The Godfather was the first novel that captivated me from start to finish, the first book to leave me wondering about the characters for a long time after I finished reading the book.
During the opening of Kill Bill Vol.1 appears a saying: "Revenge is a dish best served cold." It is attributed as an old Klingon Proverb. Knowing that the phrase had entered pop culture from The Godfather--book and movies--, I didn't like it. But I let it slide because Kill Bill is such a great movie.
So, from me to you, here's my offer that you can't refuse: Add this classic novel to your summer reading list. You won't regret it.

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