Sunday's for the Birds: Today's Bird is a Photogenic Chicken

The Skagit Valley tulips are gone this season, but photos are still here. You’ve seen them: children among tulips; dogs among tulips; horses among tulips; and even donkeys among tulips. But have your ever seen a photo of a chicken strolling the tulip fields? And I don’t mean just any old barnyard chicken. This little hen, an Amber/White breed, a cross between a Rhode Island Red and a Leghorn, enjoys communing with nature as she tiptoes through the tulip fields near her home near Mount Vernon. She’s proud to have broken away from her cagemates who are content with plucking worms from the garden. 

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This cutie and eleven other happy, healthy hens are owned by my fitness instructor at Thrive Anacortes, Susie Wittman Jungemann, who calls herself as the “mother hen.” Susie entered this photo in the 2015 Tulip Photo Contest. The contest ends May 15, so hurry and cast your vote for Susie’s chicken. Photo number 40. Here’s the link:
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Oh, one more thing: she lays (the chicken, not Susie) the most delicious eggs.