Book it for Friday Book Review: Travels with Charlize

It's hard not to notice warm brown eyes and a wagging tail—even in a crowd of eager authors, publishers, and booksellers, all vying for the public's attention. But it was more than the dog's appearance that drew me to her. Charlize, a rescued German shepherd, exuded patience and contentment rarely seen in other dogs or their two-legged owners.   

I had the pleasure of meeting Charlize and her owner, veterinarian and author David Gross when I attended the Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association Trade Show in Portland a few weeks ago. During that entire weekend, Charlize accompanied David to all the scheduled events and throughout the exhibition hall where publishers and writers promoted their wares. Her perfect behavior never waned.
When I finally had a chance to visit personally with  David and hear about his heartwarming book, Travels with Charlize: In Search of Living Alone, I knew it would be a powerful memoir. 

After losing his wife of fifty-three years, Rosalie, to cancer, David rebooted his life and started over again. Knowing he would need help facing the future without Rosalie, he adopt a rescue dog who he renamed Charlize. For emotional healing, they set out on a travel adventure visiting family and friends, reconnecting with old acquaintances, and seeking new experiences.   

This book is a great read for anyone who is undergoing an emotional transition; and anyone who just loves dogs. It's an uplifting account of how our bond with canine companions makes life brighter, and more hopeful.

Travels with Charlize is available on Amazon in print and wireless auto-delivery.

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