Holmes Sweet Holmes by Dan Andriacco—Excellent!

Things aren’t always what they seem, and for Thomas Jefferson Cody and Sebastian McCabe, this idiom sets the stage for Holmes Sweet Holmes. Writer Dan Andriacco has woven a plot true to the Sherlockian style. Using the art of illusion and the locked-room scenario, trying to unravel this “who-done-it” was a delightful challenge and one that had me stumped. Cody and McCabe must figure out who killed Peter Gerard, creator of the blockbuster film 221B Bourdon Street before they find themselves booted off the St. Benignus College payroll. Suspenseful twists and turns, laugh-out-load humor, and a bit of romance had me turning the pages. This was Andriacco’s second Cody/McCabe mystery, and I’m eagerly awaiting the third. In the meantime, I think I’ll read Holmes Sweet Holmes again!
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