Monday Mania: Hot Heels

Two days ago I had another birthday. If you read my first Monday Mania blog post, you’d know I’m blogging about changes I’m making since I entered this new decade. The first change was to trade in my old, comfy jeans for new, stylish ones. Next came shoes.
            Clogs got me through my last ten years in the classroom without leg, back, or foot pain. After I retired, I still wore them. Why not? They worked fine. They never wore out. My oldest pair is more than ten years old. I’ve worn them at least two thousand times and they still look like they are fresh out of the box. But they simply won’t cut it with my new jeans. I mean, they are what they are: round-toed, indestructible wooden Dutch shoes. Shoes that could kick ass if the situation warranted. No mugger would want a wooden clog in the face, or the crotch, for that matter. But with my new jeans, I needed hot heels: I went shopping.
            Now I own a pair of patent leather, red stilettos with a toe-hole, a pair of red and black wingtips with a clunky four-inch heel, a pair of black sandals made from thin strips of black leather that crisscross from the toe all the way up over the ankle. Those heels come in just under five inches and have a zipper in back. And I must include my Savannah sandals—yellow with a wide strap across the ankle and a cute little bow on the outside—clearly the coolest (or hottest) shoes in my closet. More women have complimented me on these sandals than I can count. 
          Do I ever wear this hot, new footwear? Damn right I do. Did I throw away my clogs? No way. I packed them in boxes and stowed them in the back of my closet to use when the rainy season arrives, which unfortunately lasts for eight months. I’m not happy about that, but I’m sure my feet will be. 

Out with the old . . .
in with the new.

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